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Think quick. It’s trivia time. What ever became of the KingsBoys? You remember that group of the 1980s, presumably owned and managed by Eldrige Fox and/or Jim Hamill? They performed at some of the same concerts as the Kingsmen, sort of as a junior varsity KM warm-up act, but they seemed to fade away in fairly short order. So who can recall any and/or all of the members of the group? Mind you, they didn’t to seem to distinguish themselves much, though of course in the rarefied air of the KM heyday, breathing room for anyone else on a KM stage was hard to come by. Maybe this is job for the “useful - informative” musicscribe blog, eh?

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  1. Mark Lowe wrote:

    The Kingsboys changed their name in 1990 to Chronicle. The decision was actually made in December of 89. They recorded two albums with New Haven Records, one studio and one live.

    The boys were never owned by Eldridge Fox. The only association there was after working with Jim Hammil for a year, Eldridge agreed to give the boys 10 minutes of their Saturday Night slot at the 1982 National Quartet Convention.

    After that night they were picked up by Century II Promotion Company in Nashville. They did travel quiet a bit with the Kingsmen at first but that ened prior to October 1984, thats when I joined the boys playing drums. My name is Mark Lowe.

    The group members were: Kevin Clark- Lead Singer, Kenyon Clark- Piano, Donnie Pressley- Bass Guitar, Mark Lowe- Drums, Myron Boone-Tenor, Westley Willet-Baritone and Jeff Runion-Bass Singer.

    Members came and went through the 11 years we were on the road, if anyone would like updates they are welcome to email me at

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