Contestantly speaking

So I’ve decided to start giving out a series of awards every now and then … call them The Averys. The twist here is twofold: nominations and winners will be all pretty much by personal fiat rather than the aggregated opinion of however many people you can get to click on your website or pay you $75 to join your organization (though anyone wishing to pay me $75 or any other amount of money, please email me for address and forms of payment accepted); and winners will receive absolutely nothing. I think I’ll roll awards out over time, and when I say “over time,” I basically mean whenever I feel like it. Also, I’m sometimes going to award the worst in a category as well as the best. For instance, the first award will be for worst web design and maintenance from a full-time sg group (fulltime in this case so that no one can cry foul or woe-is-us about lack of resources or “we’re just sangin for the Lard in our free time” and so on). Here’s where you come in. Send me your worst sg website suggestions (you can send your best too, because I’ll probably end up mentioning the very best one or two sites as well). And don’t worry. I already have one eye on the Inspirations site. The other eye I’m protecting from whatever damage all that Inspirational freneticism on their site can do to unprotected vision.

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