Welcome to the jungle

From the people whose children brought you the risible charade of one sentence being written by two people, Susan and Deon Unthank have started their own blog, ilovessoutherngospelmusic. Oh my. The good news is that unlike the bi-authored sgblognews that Susan and Deon’s children Chris and Amy run, ilovesgm.com tags each post with the name of the Unthank that actually composed that post. See, kids, if your mom and dad can do it, so can you. It’s hard to tell from what’s currently there whether the site will turn out to be more than another “I know you are but what am I” endeavor from an Unthank. But Susan Unthank is a capable writer who can be a clearheaded thinker when she doesn’t let her partisan defensiveness and hypersensitivity to criticism get the best of her. So one can always hope. Anyway, welcome to the jungle, Susan and Deon.

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