SGMblog has part of an answer to the Kingsboys question I posted a bit ago. Other readers have also sent in various blurbs that just about fill in most of the blanks. I’m no DBM and this is no authoritative history, but here goes (thanks to everyone who wrote in and contributed to what is below).The Kingsboys formed in 1982 as a gimmicky act of kids (boys) who sounded like the Kingsmen. The were, variously, Jason Clark (a Kenny Hinson wannabe), his brother Kenyon Clark (an almost-as-good-as Anthony Burger pianist), Jason Camp (tenor), Jeff Runyon (the son of Calvin Runyon, who was a former bass singer for Kingsmen), and Wesley Willett of Mullins fame (baritone at two different times). They opened for the KM for a few years until Jim Hamill and Eldridge Fox stopped backing them. Disaffiliated from the KM and not really boys anymore, they changed their name to Chronicle to show they were all grown up in 1990 and released Willing Servants on Ken Harding’s New Haven Records (Harding produced most of the early Rex Nelon Singers’ records). It was, I am told, very well produced for what Harding had to work with and was nominated that year as album of the year at the SN fan awards. They released one more live album as Chronicle before disbanding in 1992. They were most noted for their rendition of “Go Out To The Program” where they mimicked the Kingsmen, the Hinsons, and the Inspirations. Google searches turn a few links, one for Jason Camp here and one for Kenyon Clark here. Camp continued in ministry circles for a while after Chronicle busted up. He wrote a monthly article for the SN called “Life Changing Experience.” Evidently, he spent some time abroad. “I write these articles,” his June 1995 SN column says, “from the former USSR every month and sending them to the Singing News by fax.”

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  1. Mark Lowe wrote:

    I just wanted you to know that you are way off on the reason the kingsboys changed their name to chronicle. I was there when the decision was made for chronicle. By the way I am the only drummer they ever had and DO know what I am talking about. Do your homework next time.

    PS. Jim and Eldridge never backed the boys in any way.

  2. stacy wrote:

    And Kenyon’s brother’s name is Kevin Clark…not Jason. …seriously? This “blog entry” you’ve submitted here contains zero substance….for obvious reasons. It’s just full of false information.

  3. James Moore wrote:

    I can’t say Averyfineline is without error for I know the two Clark brothers were Kevin and Kenyon Clark, but I have a niece who knows the Kingsboys much better than I (Mark Lowe may know her), she is the former Diahann Minson.

    James Moore

  4. dudley short wrote:

    I remembered listening to the Kingsboys on the radio when I was just a teenager back in the 80’s. These group members may be a few years older than me. I really enjoyed listening to them. I have a few of their old records now. I wished I could have seen them in person. Hope someone can tell me what the members of the Kingsboys are doing now. I just found out recently that Jason Camp passed away from this life a few months ago. I would like to see them especially Kevin and Kenyon Clark. Hope they are still singing somewhere.

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