The hard road

So you may or may not have seen this photo bouncing around the message boards thanks to Chuck Peters curiosity slash fascination with it. The only thing interesting about the whole discussion is that there was a discussion about it all so I’ve basically ignored it. It’s a press photo. Let’s move on. At least I thought that at the time. But now the Crabbs’ new website is up, and oh my. Those individual shots of the five kids - taken for the same photo shoot as that first pic - are striking, not least of all because … well, to be perfectly honest: Jason and that twin on the right (I can never keep them sorted out) look absolutely haggard. It’s like they were rousted out of their bus bunk at 4:38 one morning and dragged into an alley to have their photo taken (I almost wrote “dragged out into an alley and shot”). The baggy eyes, the creased faces, the tired expressions, … they looked aged by several years and exhausted by the pace of their work. Let’s hope it was just a bad day or unfortunate cinema verite lighting or whatever. As for the photos themselves, I should say I like the urban chic thang the photographer tried to capture. I’m not really sure why they choose this particularly gritty city look for themselves, since even in their new iteration as officially aspiring superstars the Crabbs aren’t really urban or chic … country cool, mebbe. But I like the look. If they’re smart, though, they’ll retain their folksy charm beneath the straightened hair and the Kenneth Cole outfits and the Mac makeovers. Not because there’s anything wrong with being fashionable, but because the Crabbs authenticity is not of an urban sort, and they will only come off as new money imposters if they try to pretend to an urbanity that isn’t in them. Back to the website, what’s up with the outdated bio, still mentioning Jon Michael Brady and David Sikes? Shouldn’t this new high powered PR firm be on top of that kinda thing? Another question, this one not rhetorical though … who can be the first person to identify where the photo shoot took place based on the background and setting of that group photo on the new homepage?

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