Whither Brad Hudson

Well, barring a wildcard spot, looks like Brad Hudson is probably not idolizable, at least not on American Idol. Catching even a glimpse of him has been sometimes challenging, which is too bad. The last I heard, he was close to the top 16 but got paired with some fellas and forgot his words, stopped singing etc. Who knows. The more interesting chatter that’s been filtering my way is that Hudson may be back on the sg circuit, doing an opening act for a downmarket group “that nobody really knows,” as one of my sources has it. Does he have his own project to sell at these kinds of gigs? Does/would 3-For-1 let him sell projects from Hudson’s time with the group? Anybody had any Hudson sightings?

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  1. Elisha wrote:

    Hudson was not able to finish American Idol because his wife just had a baby and he wanted to be there for it. He ended up being a worship leader assistant for a church in Gastonia, NC. He was also singing in his group “The Brad Hudson Band”. He also helps other singers get started. He is doing rather well.

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