Yeah, it’s probably not worth reporting on

If I’m not mistaken (and there’s a slight chance I am), it looks like ABC News picked up on the illness that swept through the MS Celebration during the Jubilee At Sea last week (hat tip, RR). According to the report, about 100 people took sick. Naw .. I don’t see no reason why that would strike the SN as newsworthy, do you? Anyway, I was cruising through Danny Jones’s archives and found this line from his February 19 entry, just before the Celebration embarked for the cruise:

[At a concert the night before the ship sailed,] … I took quite a ribbing from people when they learned we were heading to the Bahamas Monday. If I heard the line “sufferin’ for Jesus once,” I probably heard it a hundred times. There were also a handful of people who attended the concert who will be on the Celebration for the Jubilee at Sea.

How unintentionally prescient, no?

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