So a few days back, I posted a link to a press release from Three Bridges. It caught my eye because, whereas I’ve complained before about releases that try to use mundane events as pretexts for pretending to things well beyond reality, this release pretends to nothing: it is about how Three Bridges ATTENDED the GMA Awards Ceremony. What’s most remarkable about the release is that it doesn’t try to dress up this nonsense at all. That is, when you get invited to a prestigious-sounding event and do your darnedest to let people believe you were invited to perform or do something more remarkable than just show up, well that suggests - whatever else you may be guilty of - you at least realize your audience can’t just be taken for the asking, that you have to at least try to beguile them a little bit, that they’re not complete morons and numbskulls. But here we have a release that just assumed people would be impressed and find it newsworthy that Three Bridges was INVITED TO ATTEND an annual event in gospel music, nevermind that probably 500 other people of varying (un)importance were invited as well (many of whom no doubt passed on the invitation). Of course it could be that Three Bridges was genuinely impressed and excited and wanted to share how twitterpated they were by it all, but whatever that is a commentary upon, it is not news. What it actually looks like is another case of small-timerism. Readers DA and BN both wrote recently to comment on something else they saw over at the Three Bridges site, something that reinforces the small-timer diagnosis. Thus DA: “They had posted a letter they received from President Bush ‘in regards to their recording of “Dear Captain”‘. I hate to burst their bubble, but I got the exact same letter when I sent in a Christmas ornament for the White House Christmas trees two years ago.” This had BN laughing out loud: “I got one just like it for being a registered republican(!). Evidently these guys sent the President a copy of their CD and think he sent them a thank you note?!?!?!?! Hilarious.” Hilarious, yes … and kinda pathetic.

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