Two things, in re my “Last to Know” earlier today: One, LordSong appeared on the NQC mainstage two years ago (hat tip, TK). However, if I’m not mistaken (and I could well be), that appearance wasn’t on the weekend, which was the context I implicitly had in mind but unhelpfully failed to state. Two, the Crabbs were indeed on the NQC mainstage the first year they got out of the gate, 1997. That was the one year in the past 12 that I’ve not been, but that’s no excuse for getting it wrong. That said, several of you have written in with variations on the same story. Namely: the 1997 appearance was almost entirely the product of Kathy Crabb’s savvy persistence. Crabb finagled not one but two mainstage appearances that year for the Cs, mostly by guaranteeing the NQC board that she’d sell a certain bloc of NQC tickets. So, though I got it wrong, the facts turn out to prove my point indirectly. Even when it appears like NQC is taking a risk with a new group, they’re not. Now, they indeed deserve credit for putting the Crabbs on in 1997, but still … the Crabbs had already been making a pretty big splash in Kentucky ad the region, so the story would be a lot more compelling if it involved a talent scout or a board member “discovering” this family from Kentucky that was just absolutely lighting a fire (or “fahr” as the case may be) under the pews of the hill country.

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