Hey haven’t I heard that song before?

Reader LS writes with this observant tidbit worth passing along:

In looking at my most recent CDs I see that a lot of the Daywind artists are singing all or a majority of songs published by Daywind. I am sure this is to have the album easier financed but it tends to make a generic sound. This is a trend that I feel causes a lot of projects to suffer. Limited material makes a limited artist.

Just so. And I think LS is probably on to something. My hunch is that what LS noticed on her Daywind projects is more than coincidence. If I had to guess, I’d say Daywind is pretty consciously pushing tunes from its own song-publishing arm. That’s just bidness -not to mention, a way to artificially insulate yourself from a little healthy competition. It’s probably nothing like an all-out ban on non-DW songs (I mean, Daywind is the home of Greater Vision and Rodney Griffin, after all, so any decree would have to allow an exemption for him and them, since I bet their sales success is in no small part due to Griffin’s songs). But it is a scary prospect, this slightly incestuous business of stuffing discs full of tunes published by the same label producing the project. As LS notes, projects and sounds suffer for the incest, and good songs go unrecorded for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality or viability of the music. Let’s hope artists recognize the need for great songs and will insist on the better music when the label’s fare just won’t cut it, regardless of who the writers and publishers are.

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