Settling into smaller digs

So I’ve just deleted four erstwhile sg blogs from my bookmarks: Miss Elaineous, Biblios Blog, Words from a Dove, and Sogospeltruth blog. Ok, technically five: On the road with the Dove Brothers also got trashed, but it was never terribly active in the first place. But then for that matter, neither were any of the others, except for McCray Dove’s six-week flare-up on WFAD. I mention all this only by way of solemnizing the prediction I made a few months ago that the mini-explosion of sg websites and blogomania in the last half of 20004 would ultimately subside into a more comfortable pace. Though the belated debate in sg about the role of web logs and commentary and opinion sites in the industry has not gone away, by any stretch, the open hostilities seem to have subsided and things have settled into the back-and-forth, give-and-take between various opinionators that is typical of any thriving discourse within a community. In this most recent phase of things (roughly the past three months or so, since the conniptions died down over my “outing”), I think there’s ample evidence that a core of primary information providers (that would be our “news” sites, and SN, primarily) adjacent to a slightly more robust commentariat is a workable, if not always placid or peaceful, arrangement - indeed, a far more superior arrangement to the old model of one or two self-proclaimed founts of all knowledge and fact, never to be second-guessed or critiqued or doubted. So while the cool-down after the explosion has meant a quantitative shrinkage, the quality is - I hope and think - slowly improving as people find their voices and a comfortable register to work in. Perhaps the best example of how it takes time to find a groove is DBM’s musicscribe blog. After coming out first as a more traditional blog of music commentary, musicscribe has morphed into a fast-growing encyclopedia of digestible sg history. I don’t think I’m the only person who probably consults the homepage and archives for confirmation or elucidation when writing or thinking about this or that sg topic. Now if DBM and John Crenshaw (the dean of sg historians) could just pool their resources …

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