Just a few days after the SN went on the offensive against the radio promoter that the group Heirline is using (and implicitly cast a few aspersions on djs who let themselves be plied by aggressive promoters, not to mention the groups that use such promoters), Buffi Holland, the radio guru over at Eddie Crook Company, comes through with an apparently unsolicited “bright” (as they’re called in the newspaper bidness) about Heirline. I saw the piece in yesterday’s Southern Gospel Showprep (perhaps not coincidentally the same publication that printing an ad for Heirline’s song that hacked off the SN) . Thus Buffi:

Radio station WTTI in Dalton, GA shared an encouraging story with me as I made my monthly calls. Cross & Crown [a division of ECC] recording artist Heirline was in Dalton, GA at the Valleybrook Church of God on Sunday night. Apparently they really left an impression on the congregation. In a special announcement released to WTTI radio station early Monday morning, pastor Jr. Clayton invited everyone in the listening area to a special “encore” service on Monday March 14 stating that, “there was such a mighty move of God in the Sunday night service” that the group agreed to stay for another special deliverance service. He encouraged everyone who has any kind of need from God to attend this moving service. Thank you DJ’s, for making a difference and getting the word of God out through song. We are all team players for the kingdom! Yah God!

Ok, “Yah God!”? So, like, was Buffi in her cheerleader uniform doing herkies when she wrote this?

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