Going, going, gone?

For a while now, there have been comments popping up here and there over at AMGS about the Eddie Crook Company: namely, that Dave Wilcox, ECC senior vice president, had taken over some unspecified share in ECC. In August of last year, Wilcox posted a reply to an AMGS post that made vague reference to some restructuring at ECC but didn’t go any further. Now comes another at AMGS that claims, among other things, that Tennessee state records confirm the sale of the ECC property to Dave Wilcox and Gary Gabbard (of the Gabbards) in … yup … August of last year. I contacted Eddie Crook and he would only comment to confirm the sale of the building to Wilcox and Gabbard as reported at AMGS, which is occupied by other tenants than just ECC, evidently: “It was for sale for over a year. With a sign in the yard. Actually was more space than I needed since I had sold my recording and duplication equipment earlier and began outsourcing. People jumped to the conclusion that I was retiring. Wrong. As SG changed I changed.” I’ve got an email into Dave Wilcox asking him to clarify the business about ECC being sold in whole or part to Wilcox and/or others. He hasn’t responded yet, but it’s only been a day, so stay tuned, one way or another.

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