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Just as I was posting earlier about the Disappearing 10 - the list of 10 songs nominated for song of the year that was posted and then mysteriously yanked from the SN’s website - I clicked over to amgs, remembering there was a thread of some kind about the SN Fan Awards nominations. Though it wasn’t about the Disappearing 10, it was about something as equally interesting … take a look. Now notice that the category for SN fan awards favorite soprano listed on the SN’s website has changed .. gone is the ineligible Janet Pascal, and in her place … the underrated and much-deserving Tricia Cisneros. Of course we can’t say for sure that SN reacted to the amgs outrage, but it’s a thought.Before you go awarding the awarders for being responsive all that, note that the Pascal-Cisneros switcharoo was pulled without any notice - same as the Disappearing 10 went missing with nary a word. Just when I’m about ready to cut the SN some slack, point out how they are a big fish in a small bowl and so make for an easy mark for people who want to cook up conspiracy theories about “the powers that be,” the SN goes and does something like this … again (it’s happened before): dramatically edit a post on their news site (the song of the year is one of the biggest awards, mind you) with no explanation, note, or asterisk … nothing. It’s as baffling as it inappropriate. Usually, when I come down hard on the SN for failing to live up to some widely accepted journalistic standard (and it is absolutely unconscionable among self-respecting journalists of all stripes to drastically revise content without noting the edits and changes), I get a note from someone who says something to the effect, “the SN isn’t a worldly publication and operates not by secular standards but biblical Christian ones.” Well, then tell me how anyone being guided solely by scriptural light pulls a stunt like this as often as the SN does? And please don’t remind me of the Proverb about a wise man concealing knowledge. Anyway, still no word from anyone with a better memory than mine about how close our reconstruction of the Disappearing 10 was or is. Stay tuned.

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