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Thanks to JC and KD for their help filling in around my knowledge gap for “It’s Different Now.” First JC:

“It’s Different Now” was a big song for many groups in the early to mid 60s.

It was written by Rev. David Beatty. If my recollections are correct, he is a cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley. He recorded an album with the Oak Ridge Qt around 1965. If vocals and piano styles are any indication, I’d say he is certainly related to Gilley and Lewis.

On the cover of his LP, “It’s Different Now”, he looks quite the part of the country preacher complete with the dark gray suit, black shoes and white socks as he sits in the sun outside a mansion that could be in the garden district of New Orleans.

From the liner notes:
God is certainly using Brother Beatty as a a song writer. A few years ago while David was working his way through Lee College, he borrowed the money to record two of his songs, “I Praise the Lord” and “It’s Different Now”, to sell in his revivals that he preached while attending college. To his surprise, the record began to get popular, so he decided to get sheet music printed. He tried to get several music companies to take the songs and print them, but no one was interested in his music. An editor of an outstanding publishing firm told Dave that “no one will ever sing those songs but you”.

Finally he decided once again to borrow money to get the songs printed. The Lord blessed this effort of faith and everyone began to buy his music. The firm that didn’t believe anyone would ever buy his music started to purchase it in orders of 100 at a time. Then, the Faith Music Co. for Atlanta, Ga. wanted rights to print the music and after this, the Statesmen Qt. recorded it. This was followed by almost every major quartet in the nation. David’s recording is much different as he sings and plays his own unique way to bring praise to the Lord.

Reader KD widens the scope a bit with this additional info:

[The song was] re-released through the “35 Biggest Hits” box set. Album info says the song was written by David Beatty. The liner notes written by Rusty Goodman state, “Our thanks to the Nashville Musicians who provided “THE NASHVILLE SOUND” (Walter Haynes, David Jones, Autry Inman and Willie Ackerman).” There’s no mention which instruments these men played.

The song has also been recorded by Gold City, the Merits, Landmark Quartet, Blue Ridge Quartet, Statesmen, Friend Brothers Quartet, Cathedrals and Jimmy Swaggart.

“I’m in a New World” was released on “The Best of the Happy Goodmans” and also the “35 Biggest Hits” box set. It was written by someone with the last name Ellis. J.G. Whitfield wrote the liner notes and basically gushes about the Goodmans, and doesn’t mention anything about the songs.

The song has also been recorded by the Four Galileans, Eugene Smith and the Harmonettes (instrumental) and the Echoes from Calvary.

There you go.

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  1. Jilda Teague Raffald wrote:

    I was one of the Harmonettes back at Lee College in 1958-1959. I would love to contact David Beatty if someone could pass my email address on to him. My email address is:

    Thank you,
    Jilda Teague Raffaldt

  2. KEN BOLING wrote:


  3. Sylvia OBerry wrote:

    Ken, this song can be found in New Songs of Inspiration #7. Published in 1967.

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