The Reappearing 10

My spies come through once again (ok, so it’s not so much spying as … you know, remembering things … but still). The top 10 nominations for SN Fan Awards song of the year (as recently unreported by the SN):

“Can I pray for you” (Mark Bishop)
“Faces” (Greater Vision)
“He came looking for me” (Crabb Family)
“His life for mine” (Talley Trio)
“I will praise him” (Inspirations)
“I know I’m going there” (Kingdom Heirs)
“I will find you again” (Perrys)
“Long as I got king Jesus” (Brian Free & Assurance)
“Monuments” (Legacy Five)
“The good news” (McKameys)

It’s not clear to me why my mind was so insistent about the Whisnants … talk about your subconscious turning up with surprising stuff … oh my.

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