PW vs US via DW

So I hear that Daywind (home to the likes of Greater Vision, Legacy 5, and Brian Free & Assurance among others) is having its sales people push a handful of praise and worship (P&W) titles from England, of all places, that DW somehow got ahold of. Huh? Why is a label with a stable full of some of sg’s top artists pushing a dozen or so veddy Briddish P&W tunes to retail outlets in the U.S. (through New Day, I gather)? Of course one assumes salespeople are capable of pushing different genres of music simultaneously, but still … even if these P&W tunes haven’t gotten top the sales team’s priority over the label’s sg artists, it seems like an odd time for a big-name sg label to be pushing non-sg stuff so prominently - what with sg SoundScan numbers (sales for southern gospel product) being way down and all. One might well ask (as perhaps some of DW’s premiere artists already have) what’s going on.

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