Good for him

While I regret to see a talented young musician leave the stage, I’ve got to say I’m delighted, on the face of it, to hear that DBQ’s Andrew Smith is leaving the quartet “to pursue his education.” There are a coupla reasons why I say this. Here’s one big reason. Another is that not everyone in sg - and especially not accompanists - can expect to own his or her own group some day, and if that’s not your aspiration or design, I think you’ve got to seriously contemplate the implications of committing to a life of full-time performance as a sg wage-laborer. Many people undertake this contemplation and get the on the bus, happily, all their lives. Obviously, as a devotee of sg, I am grateful to them for this. Yet I confess feeling slightly ambivalent when I see young parents (or aging grandparents) on stage working for what must be a barely liveable wage, in some cases doing so, no doubt, because it’s all they’ve ever known or learned how to do.

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