In Memoriam, George Younce

By way of homage to Younce, I’m going to avoid well-intentioned but essentially insubstantial eulogizing. Though my devotion to gospel music was (like many others’) significantly shaped by Younce’s influence and example, I did not know him, nor can (or will) I claim that his death affects me in a way that makes what I’d have to say about it substantially different from the encomiums and condolences of so many others (I also want to studiously avoid the unseemly competition that too often ensues in times like these, when people who barely know the dead try to out-grieve one another … “grieving vultures,” if you will). Thus, I’ll let what I’ve already written about Younce while he was alive speak for me in his death. Additionally, let me recommend this interview with Younce from February of 2003. Though the interviewers aren’t quite as well-informed as they might be about Younce’s life and work, the chance to hear the great man’s voice for thirty minutes is worth every second (FYI: the download begins in the middle of a minute or two of pre-show chit-chat in advance of the on-air portion of the interview, so don’t be alarmed if it feels like the thing starts in the middle of the conversation).

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