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Thanks to sgmblogger for 1)finally deciding to get back in the game after over a MONTH’S hiatus and 2)putting us on to Allison, my new favorite person. She’s a Canadian blogging from the Stamps-Baxter School of Music, where she’s just about to wrap up a two-week stint as a first-time student. Her blog is transcendent. Go there and start from Day 1 and don’t stop. Even if you want to you, you probably won’t be able to quit reading. Aside from her uncontainable love of sg, she’s an astute observer of sociology and a shrewd psychologist. Her as-others-see-us perspective on sg and the south is extraordinary: People in the south, Allison says, are “very generous and warm. Everyone you meet is instant family. There’s lots of food and it’s not always very good for you. Fashion and style are not so important. God, family, and being a good person are. And they have music and humour in their blood.” But, alas, no one drinks “rum and coke,” she notices. Now here’s someone I could learn to like. But most of all, she perfectly captures the thrill of falling in love with gospel music - moments like the one in her room when she’s singing a few bars of “He Touched Me” and her suite-mate joins in with a harmony line, or those epiphanic spots of time when a song like “I Call Out Your Name” imprints itself on your life. She made me remember my own experience as a young teenager getting to lay down four bars of intro for some old standard or turn a chorus around for a group and just nearly wanting to weep and shout from the delight of being a part of it all. These spots and moments are why people love this music and want to sing it, hum it, play it, hear it, buy it and be near it right up till they die: “In classical, or opera, or music theatre, you reach a point where people think it’s “best” for you not to sing in public anymore. In gospel, that doesn’t really happen.” No, it doesn’t. And our dear little Canadian Allison is the finest living proof of that I’ve come across in a good long while. She gets it. She says she gave her cd to Bill Gaither, but Gaither really ought to be recruiting her to write for his magainze or website. It’s not every day or year or decade that someone is able to put into plain language the beauty and thrill and sheer grace of gospel music to grap hold of a person and never let go. If she’s half as good at songwriting as she is at descriptive prose, she’s got a lot to look forward, and so do the people who get the chance to read and listen to her work.

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