Pamela and Kirk … discuss

Springfield, Ill., talk-show host, sg songwriter, former television reporter,   and general sg gadabout Pamela Furr interviewed Kirk Talley on her radio   show recently. It’s a pretty captivating 30 minutes or so, though for  the squeamish, be warned: I won’t exactly say Furr pulls no punches, cause  I think in a few places she actually does (ok, that’s not exactly  right, but I’ll have to sort it out later), but at any rate she asks some  questions that a pious crowd might blanche at (turn-ons, gay bars and  so forth). Should you choose to proceed, don’t come griping to me that  I sent you to offensive content. You can listen and/or download the discussion  here.  I’m still hashing through my own thoughts on it all, so until then, let’s  hear yours.

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