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Call this the preview, or whatever. But since I’m still finishing up with my thoughts on Kirk and Pamela’s interview, I thought in the meantime I would get your thoughts on this. I was listening a few days back to the mp3 clips of Talley’s new live project posted on his website. And in addition to my favorite tune, the duet with Allison Durham Speer (or Allison Spears, as one page has it on Talley’s site), this song, called “Intimacy with Jesus,” really … well, it kinda stopped me dead in my cybertracks. Have you listened to it? You really should. Here are the lyrics contained in the clip:

I want intimacy with you, Jesus

I want feel your face every day

I want to be so close, that I can reach out and touch you

So focused in your eyes of love and grace

I want to feel the rhythm of your heart beat

As I completely lay upon your chest

I want intimacy with you, Jesus

For in your presence, I’m at rest.

I gather from my spies that the audience at the live recording just swooned over this, but my first response was mild disbelief. Surely I was mishearing, or if not mishearing, then maybe I was misunderstanding … so I listened again … but no, … he sure enough does say he wants intimacy with Jesus. And then a few lines later, he pretty clearly sings the words “I want to feel the rhythm of your heart beat / As I completely lay upon your chest.” If this concert had been on primetime television
in my house growing up, I would have had to put a pillow over my eyes and my fingers in my ears.

At the time I first heard the song, I didn’t post on it, though I was inclined to, because I could just see the emails: you’re over-reading it, you’re misinterpreting, you’re just nitpicking etc. He doesn’t mean that. But then I caught this comment from Talley in his Pamela Furr interview:

It wouldn’t be easy to give up and give into that and totally let go of the music and what my songs are talking about and saying… I put myself and my person struggles in my songs. … [My songs are a] transparent look into my real life [through the music] … People are just now finding out [that this is the case] because of all the crap I went through last year.

To gloss this as “Talley does music therapy” would probably be oversimplifying, but there’s a clear connection in Talley’s mind between his crisis of sexuality and the way he expresses himself musically (it would be more surprising if this were not the case, but this is the kind of thing that people tend not to believe coming from armchair critics like me).

No matter, I don’t think we need Dr. Freud in the room to connect these dots. And I think this just may be the first documented case of a sg Jesus-is-my-boyfriend song. 

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