Buddy is Back

So Buddy Mullins, of Gather Vocal Band fame (he was part of that amazing Testify project back in the 90s, which includes one of all-time most mind-blowing vocal modulations ever on “Free at Last”), has started a new group, with the decently original name Second Mile. How big of a deal is this? I don’t know. I asked around, and nobody else seemed to know either. This thing has been in the works for a while, originally (I think) it was supposed to involve Paul Lancaster. Anyway, I’m always a little suspicious when great singers insist on singing with their spouses (think Terry Franklin here). Mullins has an amazing voice, obviously. But he never really seems to click in any of the scenarios he’s been in (this is arguably true of his stint with GVB too, where his stay was relatively short lived). A lot of it has been the songs and his songwriting, which are not bad but not great either. And too, there seems to be something of what I’ll call the Allison Durham Speer Syndrome (ADSS) at work with Mullins: phenomenal natural abilities, possessed of the ingredients for a superstar and yet the albums are serviceable when not pedestrian and the live work is underwhelming. It’s like these ADDS artists are their own worst enemies. People I talk to say Mullins is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet, so at least we can wish him well if for no other reason.

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