From the Department of Unsolved Problems

You may recall I decided that the Write About Jesus needed a new name. But of course I didn’t HAVE a new name for it, so I asked for your help. A few ideas came in:

Heart’s Cry Writers Conference
Ministry in Mind
Story and Season

At the risk of being ungenerous, I don’t really fancy any of these. “Grace Notes” popped into my head, but I think I’m just recalling an old quarterly magazine that the Baptist Press used to put out for church musicians (or was that Pedal Tones?). Anyway, thanks to JD for trying, because like his ideas or not, obviously this is NOT easy.

I also asked a while back (tongue in cheek) for you to help out the Unthanks over at sogospelnews. They were looking for a name for the statuette they give out each year at their annual awards show. One reader suggested the ever-clever “Wheel Chock”). Another reader wrote to say he was “Surprised they haven’t invented an award to present to THEMSELVES … could I suggest the ‘We Love & Admire Ourselves’ award?” But my favorite suggestion: The Innuendos.

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