The unusual spectacle of uneuphemestic speech

For those of you who don’t get Chuck Peters’ SGShowPrep for radio types, you probably missed a fascinating peek at the raw emotions of a group’s disbandment when unshielded by the usual evasive doubletalk. This came via Rabbit Easter, commenting on the dissolution of Dewgrass. Thus Easter to Chuck Peters:

According to a recent quote offered by Steve ” Rabbit” Easter,.. the disbanding of the popular band,.. DEWgrass.. is not something he wanted. While some fans believe Easter left the group.. he says: “We disbanded on Nov. 15th. Because we did not have any dates.”

After reading other public comments,.. SGSP asked Steve if he felt he was treated unfairly.. He replied: “Yes I do.. I thought when we disbanded they would still help me with the bus & group bills but they have not sent any money to help at all. I’m having to pay the debt on my own. There is alot more But I can’t get into it right now.” Easter indicates that the groups unpaid obligations totaled at least $34,000.00.

Steve adds: “Please pray that I will do what God wants me to do. I know that Dewgrass was really a great band but when some people let greed control them it will not work!”

In addition to Steve Easter.. DEWgrass featured Stan Dailey and Mark Whitehead. At press time we were unable to reach other group members for comment.

Holy Smoke. So much for euphemisms and wanting to “spend more time with family” or figure out what God wants next and blah blah blah. When I read that, I thought to myself, Ouch. I wonder what Dailey and Whitehead will say when they read this? And right on schedule, the next day’s ShowPrep had this item:

“I would like to say first of all, that I am very saddened by the approach taken by Steve to discuss this sort of situation in this manner. No phone call or visit from him to settle this matter beforehand. It certainly is not the Biblical way to handle things as given in Matthew 18:15-17.

There are a lot of things that could be said but not from me. A lot of groups form and a lot of groups break up, that is just the way things happen. Unfortunately, that is what happened to DEWgrass, There was not enough money coming in to pay for all the expenses: the bus, insurance, fuel, and our own separate individual weekly bills to take care of our families.

Steve does not even have the bus anymore. He returned the bus to his cousin, Bobby Easter, who had owner-financed it. This is what I had suggested he do if he couldn’t sell it when we decided to disband. The bus was in Steve’s name, which he wanted. The insurance was in his name, which he wanted. He wanted the bus to stay at his house. Steve took it to Talmadge Lewis and told him to fix it like it was his, and he did not even get an estimate from him before giving the ok to fix it. He has kept the CD’s which DEWgrass paid for and has refused to give me my 3rd. Truth be known, all that is owed is the $7700.00 that HE chose to place on his Father’s credit card without discussing with Stan and I. Other things have happened that I won’t discuss.

Again, I am saddened that he chose this way of handling the situation.

I wish Steve the best in whatever he does. He is a great musician and singer, but this way of handling things is pretty hurtful and degrading.”

Whitehead is willing to to discuss $7,700 that Easter allegedly put on Papa Easter’s credit card, charge Easter with keeping just desserts from other group members, and accuse the Rabbit of hightailing off with a stash of product, but “Other things have happened that I won’t discuss.” ‘Cause nobody wouldn’t want to say anything nasty, you know. Just like Rabbit is praying for God’s direction and those greedy people who let greed control them and make them greedy and greedful.

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