Oh Avery where art thou?

Does it count that in the long long time since I last posted that I’ve been keeping a running tab of things of write about when I DO get time to write? Prolley not, I suppose. And I assume it won’t help that I’m only posting now to say I don’t know when I’ll get to post substantively next. One thing that’s been taking up my time lately, among many things, is a paper on southern gospel music that I presented at an academic conference in the south a few days ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find the paper well received by a room full of people without any real familiarity with sg. And though I’ve missed avfl, it has been a rare pleasure to immerse myself in the scant but interesting academic literature out there that addresses itself to southern gospel as a worthy object of critical study. Anyway, I’ll be back at some point soon, I promise. In the meantime and apropos of nothing much else but music in general, let me recommend my new favorite musical obsession (NFMO) at the moment: the opera megastar Renee Fleming covering jazz standards. NFMO No. 2 is Fleming’s other non-opera album, Haunted Heart. Not that I don’t like her operatic work. I do. But her foray into pop and jazz is tres good stuff. Until the new Perrys project comes out (or the Crabbs release an opera album), this will have to do.

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