AVFL does math

Average rating of David Bruce Murray reviews currently (as of 11:27 a.m. EST) on DBM’s review vault homepage: 4 (to be exact: 4.038461538). Lowest rating: 2.5. Most common rating: 4.5. Least common rate: tied between 2.5 and 5. Percent surety that if I recorded a new project, I’d want DBM to review it: 100.Enough math: in other DBM news, it’s really (seriously) pleasing to see DBM thinking so creatively over at his blog … partnering with Chuck Peters (whose SGShowPrep is now indisputably the most reliable source of real news in sg), bringing other voices (like Daniel Britt) into his blog, and generally working so deliberately to brand a particular kind of content about gospel music (I wish I had that discipline). That doesn’t mean I don’t and won’t continue to disagree with him at times (or just have some fun with his posts). The sg blogosphere is still a pretty small place so I gotta push back against somebody sometime, but it shouldn’t go without saying that gospel music is better off for what he’s doing over there.

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