Kathy and Steve’s Vegas wedding

April 23, 2006 12:09 PM [comments]Kathy and Steve’s Vegas Wedding
Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t live close enough to Nasvhille to hear all the he-said-she-said so I really don’t have much to say about this other than a few random reactions.

  • David Bruce Murray and Chuck Peters are filling a much-needed void in sg with their journalism lately but I wonder where this tenacity was when Gerald and Kathy Crabb got a divorce? Which is another way of wondering how reporting this Vegas wedding (which I think is totally newsworthy) doesn’t cross the line in the sand Peters has drawn before between being a journalist and being inappropriately invasive in the private lives of gospel’s public figures. I’m actually asking.
  • See how much quicker something becomes a non-story when the details get out quick and fully? Not that I expect anyone will learn from experience but still …
  • And speaking of learning curves, after DBM and CP broke the Vegas marriage news, the only thing left for sogospelnews to do was play the part of the scold and shut down the comments thread on the news item when it turned out more than a few people wanted to do more than wish Crabb and her new husband many happy returns … proving once against that no one with any responsibility over there learns from experience, cause you’d think that [potentially hot-button/gossipy topic about which people will have strong feelings and opinions] + [capriciously authoritarian administrative oversight] = [don’t put a comments thread up to begin with]. Yeah you’d think … and of course you’d be wrong.
  • Finally, am I the only person who half-way expected the reception to be at the Golden Nugget with the Crabb kids in baby-blue tuxes and pink chiffon opening for Wayne Newton? Blur the Lines, indeed.
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  1. BRENDA wrote:


  2. vickie wrote:

    Why did the Crabbs get divorced you just wonder they soungs they write about God and then to divorce just wonder why they didnt turn to God and work things out God will only let you out of marriage for certain things do you think this hurts his preaching and songs people are looking up to him and sometimes people hear things like this and think there is nothing to this if people do things like this but we are all human and we fall sometimes

  3. Tracy wrote:

    Not that misery loves company, but hearing that other Christians go through divorce and get restored makes me feel like I ony have three heads. No one in my family has ever been divorced. I was married for 28 years. My husband went to Afghanistan and informed me of impending divorce via email. I was crushed. I then discovered the music of the Crabb family. “He never promised the cross would not get heavy.” A year and a half later, I have found a wonderful Christian man and am engaged. I just found out the Crabb family has also experienced divorce (now twice). It is never good and it does disappoint God. But, he never leaves us. I’m grateful for the Crabb family. I pray for the best for them.

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