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There are times when I think much of gospel music inhabits a different planet than the rest of world. Or maybe they just use a different internet than everyone else. Recall a few months back when David Bruce Murray posted a link to Joyce Martin’s myspace site (and then I piled on with some of my pseudo-cleverness)? Well, two things have happened: first, every group in southern gospel has suddenly “discovered” that they too need a msypace site (the Perrys being among the latest). Why, is beyond me - I assume this is the New Thing that all Cool Kids do in sg. Fine. But anyway, the second thing that happened: I started getting emails (and posts like this one started showing up online) implying and/or stating outright that there was something inherently inappropriate about linking to these sites since they are “personal” and “private.” As Betty Butterfield would say, hmmmm hello? If you put it online and don’t have Fort Knox security locking it up, you have to expect anyone and everyone to find it, and not just the people you intended to see it. In webhead jargon, this is known as the long tail: the infinitely expansive and indeterminable uses that open-access web pages give rise to. But my real interest here is in the privacy-invasion response. Is it really just the result of people not understanding how the web (and the world, to some extent) works? Or is the casting of aspersions on the messenger who links to these sites a way of avoiding the underlying issue that what the web makes possible to discover about some of our favorite gospel stars can also sometimes shatter the illusions we have about those gospel celebrities?

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  1. BC wrote:

    A few weeks ago on Joyce Martin’s myspace page she had pictures of her new love, complete with well wishes from her ex-husband. Now, all the pics are gone along with all the self descriptions, etc.
    Maybe her mission was accomplished?

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