There’s no EH in OUR

A few of you have written to comment on the concert last month billed by promoter Alvin Currington as “Our Cathedral Years.” Conspicuously absent from the ads and stage, Ernie Haase (and/or Kirk Talley, and/or anyone else still alive and working today who worked for George and Glen). There doesn’t have to be a mendacious explanation for the absence. Even if EHSSQ had been invited, one doubts they would have showed up, not least of all because they travel in different circles, aspire to a different image (at a GMA week concert, EHSSQ’s introduction was worded in such a way to suggesti that they were leading sg in singing in front of the most non-sg audiences), and because Haase’s family connection gives him his own Cathedral nostalgia factory. (As for Kirk Talley, I imagine it never crossed anyone’s mind to invite him, or if it did cross anyone’s mind, it was promptly crossed off). Anyway, “Our Cats Years” sounds like exactly the kind of thing that overeager promoting can lead to. But there’s a kind of vapid opportunism to the concept. I mean, every night could be “Our Cathedral Years” night for any of the artists involved: Greater Vision, Legacy 5, Mark Trammel Trio, Danny Funderburke. And unless I missed something, this wasn’t a reunion style concert. So why wouldn’t it have been enough to simply to say, An Evening With GV, MTT, and L5, with special guest Danny Funderburke? Obviously, the Cathedral name can still generate a great deal of emotional atmospherics (and, I assume, ticket sales), but whipping up a thunderstorm of Cathedrals nostalgia every time two or more former Cats members come within 50 miles of each other just dilutes the memory of the Cathedrals and their legacy.

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