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So the NQC and Steinway have revamped the Thursday afternoon soloists showcase at NQC this year into an Anthony Burger tribute, complemented by a memorial and memento display at the convention. This seems perfectly fitting, except the NQC has conspicuously NOT memorialized other deaths of people who were at least as prominent - and some cases moreso - than Burger. As I’ve written before, appearing to have slighted one dead person by memorializing another in this kind of formal way is a good reason to studiously avoid getting into the business of organized memorials or tributes at NQC in the first place. And up until now, I was willing to give NQC the dubious benefit of the doubt that this fear of inadvertently offending the memory of one dead star by memorializing others explained the absence of any formal acknowledgement at the convention in the years immediately after the deaths of Jake Hess, J.D. Sumner, Vestal Goodman, Wendy Bagwell, George Younce, Glen Payne and others. But are we now to infer from this Burger memorial the NQC in fact IS now in the memorial business ? (And will there be one for Doug Riley, for instance, as well? … You see how this gets pretty comoplicated pretty quickly?) This is, I should say, the generous interpretation - the other being that it took a corporate sponsorship to prod the NQC into making an effort to formally acknowledge a prominent death in gospel music. If NQC feels it’s worth formally recognizing the death of stars at the convention, why not establish a fixed space and time slot each year to memorialize performers are other industry notables who have died in the previous year?

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    I agree.

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