OT (sort of):good fake singing and good writing about it

I admit it: I’ve been fascinated for some time now by the Two Chinese Boys (as they’re known all over the world) who made themselves amateur-video superstars in a matter of weeks by filming themselves lipsyncing a Backstreet Boys song. Why is good lipsyncing so captivating? Ask no longer. A new slate.com article attempts an answer and does it really well: “At its core, lip-syncing is a satire of our own unseemly dependence on pop music—but a satire that’s always affectionate. The best syncing is simultaneous homage and mockery. After all, you have to commune with a song for weeks, even years, before you can properly sync it.” I’m not sure which I enjoy more: watching the video the author links to below (it’s an impossibly catchy song, aside from the amazing lipsync performance the boys provide) or reading this guy’s writing about it. The paydirt paragraph:

The most recognizable syncers on YouTube might be a pair of Chinese boys called (with admirable directness) “Two Chinese Boys.” They’ve posted a handful of popular videos, each of which follows the same rubric: The boys sit side by side in a dorm room, channeling bubble-gum pop while someone works obliviously behind them at a computer. Their coordination is impeccable, especially during harmonic call-and-response, and they are unparalleled at creating the illusion of really feeling a song’s high moments. They’re a classic comic duo: The guy on the right is streetwise, fluent in hip-hop hand gestures and facial expressions; his partner is wistful and sensitive (he occasionally pretends to cry). Watch, for instance, my favorite video. During the song’s climactic midsong rap, the guy on the right stares the camera down while his partner tosses in delicate vocal fills and gazes offscreen at (judging from his expression) an injured puppy limping off to die in front of a sunset. The Two Chinese Boys’ emergence as the best lip-syncers in the world may be the surest sign yet that we are passing the superpower torch.

Read the whole thing and then be careful not to waste an entire day paging through YouTube. Now someone just needs to post a lipsync of some sg: maybe “God Walks the Dark Hills” or “God on the Mountain”? Or something else? What’s the best sg to lipsync? And don’t lie. You know you do it too.

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