Speaking of Gaither

Anecdotal evidence can often mislead us into unsupported generalizations, but until we can see SoundScan reports on the Gaithers in 2005, this first-person account reinforces the general sense out there that the Gaither tour has peaked … at least until Bill morphs the show into Christian Kids Say the Darnedest Things. Slightly without segue, also note that Janet Paschal will make a Gaither appearance in October. It’s a little amazing to think that someone like Paschal, who 10 years ago was considered the young(er) generation of backup singers to the stars on the Gaither shows, is now herself The Star returning to The Stage. I say this without jest or mockery, because regular readers will know of my deep admiration for Paschal and her talent, her captivatingly graceful showmanship and impeccable artistry (and ftr I’m only half trying to get comped a ticket to the show … kidding … kidding … ok maybe not entirely … No no nononono … I’m absolutely kidding … … mostly). Finally, I’ve meant to mention two fine reviews of Gaither videos and sundry other gospel miscellany over at regular reader RF’s site.

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