Cutting board

Chuck Peters and his SGShowPrep break the first rule of Christian journalism: never report anything remotely negative. In this case, it involves news that “several artists will not appear on every Homecoming date with the new falls schedule.” The cuts have “Homecoming insiders” peeved enough to talk to Peters. Thus Peters’ source:

“The artists just found out,.. that there will be less of them used per date. It’s going to be kind of a rotating deal. So,.. this coming fall, instead of being guaranteed a Gaither weekend pretty much most every weekend, there will be some weekends suddenly left wide open.” The source went on to explain that some of these artists may have already turned down other good dates,.. assuming they would be busy with Gaither most every Friday and Saturday. Others say: “ have some not so happy campers.”

Good for Chuck for reporting this. I have no idea what to make of the cuts. And/but my ignorance reminds me that reader RF thinks I’m off the mark about the falling attendance at Gaither concerts. The real answer (according to RF)? Gas prices, at least partly. Fair enough. Though RF admits, “the loss of Jake and Vestal, George and Hovie, and others didn’t help any. Then, Anthony Burger’s death just devastated them.” Still, RF ain’t giving any ground, really: “it’s still a big concert and the most well attended in the business. I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Of course, if he’d invite Crossway, the Monuments, Paid in Full, PSQ, and others to one big happy family extravaganza, it might sell out any venue. That might take some fence mending, though.” Fwiw.

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