Lipsyncing by any other name …

Some mail about lipsyncing worth passing along. First there was the reminder that “lipsyncing” goes by another name in some parts of town: drag. What kind of gospel guru am I to have forgotten this? Drag, of course. Indeed, in the south, there is an entire (sub)sub-culture of drag queens (read: gay guys who grew up in evangelical churches in the south and still love gospel music) who perform gospel standards at drag shows. I sent a coupla interns out to investigate this and it turns out gospel drag absolutely brings the house down. Anyway, needless to say, Vestal Goodman, whose outlandish outfits and overdone makeup often rivaled the best drag queen’s, and her songbook are standard favorites. As are Dottie and Reba Rambo, Sheri Easter, Janet Paschal, and Eva Mae LeFevre. Talk about your club ministries. Then there was the snarky KB, who wrote to say, “Sorry, just HAD to comment on this one … you ask what the best sg song to lip-sync to is?? After watching the live broadcast of their video taping, you might want to ask the Gaither Vocal Band!!” Yes, alas, where there’s lipsyncing, stracks can’t be too far behind, literally, or is it the other way around?

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