Como se dice Viva Las Crabbs in Moroccan?

The image of the Crabb Family performing for thousands of Moroccans is genuinely a difficult one to conjure, and I was prepared to be skeptical of this whole Friendship Fest thing when I first read about it. From the PR headlines it had all the trappings of one of those neo-colonial excursions that well-intentioned Christians make to the developing world in order to tell the natives in so many words that they’re poor and miserable and underdeveloped cause they ain’t Christians. Granted, the PR is pretty vague about alot of the details surrounding this Friendship Fest (and that disclaimer about what it is NOT is rather strange). But assuming this really was a genuinely interfaith friendship between Muslims and Christians that attracted what really does look like at least many hundreds of peaceful people … well, certainly, the world could do with a little more of that these days.

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