Googling Gaither

So after Martin Roth turned me on to Google searches, I found Google Trends, a tool within Google that maps search trends for terms - that is, how frequently has a term been Googled over time. You can terms or phrases by themselves or you can compare two terms or phrases by separating them commas in the search field. Plug in Bill Gaither and it’s interesting to see searches for him spike very recently. Of course it could be a coincidence that interest in his name has jumped precisely around the same time that this whole Marsha Stevens thing has flared up, but … well, hoof beats and all that. [Note: for some perspective on how much Gaither’s name has been Googled, compare his name against, say Rod Steward; Gaither may have outsold Stewart last year, but Googlers are still far more interested in Rod than Bill].

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