Man of Sorrows underground

So I leave the volume on my computer muted most of the time … too many stupid sound files lashed to too many homepages and other websites. Anyway, this being the case, I missed hearing the song that’s playing on Anthony Facello’s myspace home page until a reader pointed it out to me. It’s “Man of Sorrows,” which is on BFA’s latest project (and is pretty easily the finest song on the album), but this isn’t BFA singing for sure. Facello is doing the lead vocal (and gosh BF rather suffers in the contrast, so reedy and thin compared to Facello’s easy pleasantness), and a person could make a strong case for Chris West singing bass, but it’s not Mercy’s Mark. Back in December, Chris West emailed me to say he was starting his own group in six months or so. Is this it? That would make one of the other voice’s West’s brother. Who’s the fourth? And does this mystery group only perform myspace gigs? I’d give a non-existent avfl t-shirt to know, but by the looks of things, I should probably give it to Facello, who seems to have gone and given someone the shirt off his back. Update: Good news, music fans. Someone appears to have given Facello a shirt. My stash of phantom avfl t-shirts is safe again.

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