One hit wonders, follow up

A long overdue revisitation I promised a while back. (Why) Aren’t there more one-hit wonders in sg? And the survey says …

  • Reader BS and her dear, dear brother submit Cedar Ridge, Priority (”Does Jesus Ever Cross Your Heart?”) and the Regals.
  • TW suggests The Down East Boys for their song “Beautiful Valley” but it seems like they’ve managed to remain somewhat visible since then (TW was self-deprecating enough to allow that “perhaps the rock I live under just doesn’t let in enough light”).
  • DL wrote to note that “in the early 90’s, there was a group by the name of the Singing Ambassadors (if memory serves). Their one SN-charting effort was “Dear Mr. Jesus”. I believe it came in on the top 40, and made it to 1.”
  • TM nominated The Roy Knight Singers for “Little David”.
  • Reader DP wins the meta-one-hit wonder nomination with the Maharreys coming and going with “(Jesus can heal your) Achy Breaky Heart.”

Maybe, like TW, my rock doesn’t let enough light in, but as much as I like these, none of them feel quite worthy. I mean, I don’t instinctively go OH YEAH, THAT SONG or THOSE PEOPLE when I read these and start humming the tune (though my brian keeps flickering at “Little David”). Think, for instance, of “Daddy’s Hands” in country music. Big ole one hit wonder … So maybe the search continues. Keep ‘em coming.

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  1. Tam Tam wrote:

    Hey I just came across this on the internet. I know this may be an old article but I thought I would enlighten you on a few things. Your comment about the MaHarreys being a one hit wonder, I find bothersome. Especially since their ministry, and I do emphasize MINISTRY, is stronger than ever. Since Achy Breaky Heart they have had several Singing News charting songs such as Crying for Crumbs, Workin On a Building, Two Coats, Heartbeat Away,Bloodline, Steer Me On the Righteous Pathway, If Jesus Comes Tomorrow, and Perfect World and that’s just to name a few. All these songs reached the Top 80 or the Top 40. Not too bad for a one hit wonder. However, they are more about ministry than playing the politic game of SG music.

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