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Ok, I know we’re all getting a little weary of the Gayther hoopla lately, but in my exhaustion I’ve been wondering why exactly this old shoe got picked up and dropped again after four years. I chalked up it at first to the generally cyclical nature of the evergreen gospel scandal syndrome. And as it turns out, I’m not that far off. Thanks to alert reader BJ, I think we’ve tracked down where this most recent nonsense all started: an radio show called Crosstalk (the name, really, is all you need to know) broadcast by VCYAmerica. On January 27, Crosstalk included “a report showing Christian entertainer Bill Gaither’s support for a lesbian singer.” Not too long after that, listeners started replanting this seed at various message boards (indeed, I started getting emails about it a few weeks later… and viola … no wait that’s French and Jesus certainly wasn’t French. Yeehaw! We got ourselves a good ole homegrown homoscare. Fred Phelps would be proud. As would Faux News.

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