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Reader HP writes about the GC/McCune deal:

I think some people are missing the bigger picture here. The choice for McCune is not for his ability to sing the “hits of old.” But for their future. I think GC recognizes it’s either progress or get out of the way. Let’s see….hire the two Michaels to produce, get rid of your old bass singer, hire one with maybe more vocal abilility, stage presence and youth. Even though he’s not as low as Tim or Bill. New record company, booking. Cut the band, buy a new sound system….etc, etc. I don’t think these are all negative things. In fact these are smart moves. However, I think some fans are not going to like the new project. I think it will be very different. Which is what they need. I think once the new album comes out, you’ll see the live sets change considerably, for good. I don’t know, just food for thought.

That, plus did anyone else notice the absence of the juvenile “TEX” from McCune’s name in the press releases about the move? Another change for the better, I’d say.

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