This whole Burman Porter/PSQ/Blackwoods things is just bizarre. On Tuesday, Chuck Peters reported that “Brad Smith will be traveling with the Blackwood Gospel Quartet this weekend as the new bass singer.” After a bit of bio on Smith, Peters wrote “Where’s Burman Porter? Your guess is a good as ours. Jennifer Blackwood at the BGQ office promises more information soon.” Ok. Fair enough. Then Today, Peters’ ShowPrep had this item:

In the continuing saga of the Blackwood Gospel Quartet for this week, SGSP received this public statement from Derrick Boyd (BGQ tenor): PRESS RELEASE:

With the departure of Burman Porter from the Blackwood Gospel Quartet, and due to the fact that Burman was notified that his services were no longer required via the Internet, I hereby submit my resignation via Internet also, effective immediately, as tenor for the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. Derrick Boyd

Editors note: Unofficial reports indicate that Burman Porter has accepted the postion as bass singer for the Palmetto State Qt. PSQ’s Aaron “Tex” McCune has joined Gold City.

Erhm. Ok. Anybody asked Burman Porter or PSQ about any of this?

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