Housekeeping: update on site reconstruction

Thanks for your patience the last few days as I’ve tried out some new options for the site. And thanks for your feedback. Comments are running 2-1 in favor of the old (that is “current”) way. Literally. Two people wrote to say they liked the old way. One to say blogger ain’t bad. I know that I will be moving to a new blog platform soon, and I think I’ve found a solution (thanks to the inimitable generosity of a few readers, especially reader TT). But I don’t think it will be up and going for a week or more yet. I’ll spare you the tedium. The point is, I’ve got to move to a platform that automates a lot of the work I’ve been doing by hand for the past few years or else my schedule will simply not allow for avfl in the coming months. Part of what often contributes to my silence is that while I may have the time to dash off a thought or two about something, I don’t have the time (or energy and patience) to typeset it in Dreamweaver, add all the bells and whistles (time stamps and permalinks and comments buttons) and mark it up in xml for RSS. So stay tuned for the new and improved (at least for me!) avfl in the coming days.

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