Politics and patriarchy

Nevermind the assumption in this month’s SN article on politics and patriotism in sg that gospel music is synonymous with a particular conservative and/or fundamentalist ideological point of view (this pov may be dominant but not to the exclusion of all others). And never mind that three outta four of the guys interviewed fell back on the tired old victimology of the “persecuted majority.” I mean, for Pete’s sake, conservatives control all three branches of government, and arguably two of the three by predominantly Christian evangelical conservatives; how can Rulapaugh and Fowler and Wolfe possibly continue to beat the drums of war against the mythic liberal strangehold on politics and government? I guess Stephen Colbert was right: reality has an inherent liberal bias (conservatives are in power? Ha! it just seems that way to liberals!).

Anyway, aside from the predictability of the article’s conclusion (God is still a Republican and you should be too if you’re reading this), could the SN not find one single prominent female gospel musician to comment on questions of faith, politics, patriotism, and Christiam music performance? What are Janet Paschal’s views? Libbi Perry-Stuffle’s? Sonya Isaac’s? Kelly Nelon’s? Lauren Talley’s? Joyce Martin’s? Is God a sexist, too?

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