AVFL redesign

Obviously the new avfl format is up and going. By necessity it will be a phased roll out: the archives are only beginning to be migrated from the old pages and URLs, so expect those to be spotty. The old search page and archives will remain open during the migration.

Some new features and other stuff about the new site:

  • Categories: these headings are a way of grouping certain posts that are related thematically or topically. In addition to the general categories, content that used to be linked to on the left rail (Reviews, Bibliography, NQC, Frontlines, Letters etc) now have their own dedicated categories too.
  • Comments: Though I prefer the letters pages I’ve been periodically posting, and though I don’t want to stop receiving email (and though I will continue to post some letters I receive as stand-alone posts), I’m introducing comments on a trial basis because I simply don’t have enough time to keep editing all the letters I receive and posting them regularly. Comments will be moderated for spam and flame wars.
  • RSS Feeds: a note all RSS readers, you’ll need to reset your subscription link.

Finally, an enormous shout out to regular reader and generous WordPress consultant, Tom Troyer, who has given immeasurably of his time and expertise to help me set up avfl on the WordPress platform (which is really quite snazzy). Go visit him at his site, www.icedteaforever.com, when you get a chance. Tell ‘im Avery sent you.

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  1. bud alexander wrote:

    I hope I am the first to view the new format. Good luck with the deal.

  2. Joe Williams wrote:

    From what I’ve seen so far, I really like the new format. Keep up the good work!

  3. Jim wrote:

    Looks good! I always enjoy your commentary, so whatever makes it easier for you to post, I’m all for it!

  4. Scott wrote:

    This seems less unweildy to me as a reader. I like being able to navigate topics which was not as friendly in the prior version. The white space is really appealing to me, although I worry that the mascot is becoming marginalized–like Col. Sanders and KFC….


  5. Chuck Peters wrote:

    New design is fresh,.. clean and easy to read. Good job.

    Chuck Peters

  6. Judi wrote:

    As I told you at the prototype stage, this design is very classy and I’m glad it’s also easier for you to maintain, since AFVL is a regular part of my day (or week.) Sometimes I get a little lost navigating from the main page to comments to a category…but I’m getting the hang of it. There’s a lot of potential in this design and you have done good, as my grampa used to say.

  7. videoguy wrote:

    Just to share a laugh, I read the heading as “AVFL Resign”, and began to wonder if the Crabb announcement had that kind of impact on you.

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