Crabb Cancellation

What’s up with the Crabb Family canceling the Blur the Lines tour after only a few showings with low-low-low attendance? I have no idea. But it does occur to moi that a tour pegged to challenging traditional Christian musical boundaries might have tried to do so outside a four- or five-state southern region. Never fear, though. The Crabbs have “an exciting announcement” coming soon. Sigh. As Chuck Peters complained in his most recent ShowPrep, “I wish the CF would just answer email and phone calls concerning recent news … and save the hype.” Indeed.

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  1. Faith wrote:

    Look around…all the groups are struggling with low attendance. When you have big groups playing for a “crowd” of twenty people, with the only pay being a love offering…the writing is on the wall. There are simply too many groups out there, each fighting for a piece - sliver - of the pie.

  2. JR wrote:

    At the last few concerts I attended, there were way more empty seats than people. SG may be on the way out. Is it because the majority of concertgoers are seniors?

  3. Marty wrote:

    Too much commercialism and not enough singing. Too many people worrying about living in bigger houses, driving expensive cars and buying their kids whatever they want, not need. My family sings to a full house every night, sometimes hundreds and sometimes less than a hundred. Yet, they have what they “need” and are blessed by God.

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