Big news?

Is it possible the Crabbs’s exciting news is that they are calling it quits and Jason is hitting the road solo? I guess we’ll see. Even if they ain’t, it says something that that’s the prevailing speculation.

Update: Chuck Peters hears the same thing.

Later update: Yup, it’s official. Press release announces farewell … A year from tonight.

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  1. Cecil Van Houten wrote:

    Can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed. I’ve never been a fan; to me the Crabbs have always been more about the hype than quality. Their talent is marginal with the exception of an occasional well-written or performed song; not enough to offset the rest. The two CDs of theirs I’ve heard (their two most recent) are pretty poor quality, creatively and in production values. The one that does covers of songs is particularly horrendous. I don’t wish them any ill will personally, but I hardly think the world of SG will suffer because of their departure.

  2. Jim wrote:

    Wow, that’s kinda harsh! I, on the other hand, am sorry to see that we are losing one of the brightest lights in the Southern Gospel universe. I’ve listened to the Crabb Family from the time when they practically had to drag Jason up on the stage because he was so shy and enjoy all of their CDs (even Crabbgrass!) if only because of their huge hearts for ministry.
    The singing is good, but the way that they connect with the audience, during and after the show, at Crabbfest or LifeLightFest is what I will miss. Whether from the stage or at the grocery store, these “kids” are genuine ambassadors for Christ and will leave a big hole in where SG should be going if they do indeed disband in a year’s time.
    Crabb Family is in my prayers and I’m excited to see what happens in the coming year and what is in store as they follow their individual calls.

  3. Chris wrote:

    Whew! Thank goodness! It’s about time.

  4. wrote:

    I know it’s a petty thing.. and really doesn’t matter.. but they aren’t “kids” anymore.. heck.. I think they all have kids.. don’t they.

  5. Lewis wrote:

    Is that Chris of Chris Unthank fame??? If it is… us all.

  6. Ivy Moats wrote:

    You must not know what good is! Because they are the best!!

  7. Rita Stacy wrote:

    Ya know those who can sing do those who
    can’t just whine!! The Crabbs will be missed.

  8. JChew wrote:

    I, too, have ALWAYS loved the Crabbs. To me, though, their best CD’s/Music was in the earlier years, when the whole family was together. When I began hearing about Gerald leaving and remarrying, then Kathy remarrying, it just broke my heart! I love the Crabb Family and always will. I really do miss the old Crabb Family, though.
    P.S.: Jason’s the BEST!!!

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