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Just last night I caught the Best of Lynda Randall on some local inspo channel around 330 in the morning and the camera panned past Jason Crabb and Kathy and Gerald in a recording from the early to mid 90s. They all looked as if they existed then in another world from now. Jason so young and duded up in his Sunday best, Kathy Crabb almost unrecognizable from the person in the pictures you see these days … and with Gerald. The then-now difference measured how much their success cost and remitted. And I wondered as I watched them what they were thinking at the time, if they begrudged having to go pay homage to BG or if they were itching for the day when they’d get their own Best Of collection or did they just find the whole thing pedestrian and unimaginative, grateful as they doubtless were for BG’s support. Certainly what has followed in the past decade or so made clear the Crabbs had decidedly other ideas about how to stage a set and work a crowd and reimagine gospel music. And at their best, they could galvanize a room into a single pulsating ache of holy harmony.

And then it’s all over, which is really sad, since this is the time for most of the performing CF when their career as a group ought to just be solidifying itself (compare CF to the Goodmans, who didn’t collapse under their own weight for several decades). What to make of it all? The details will trickle out as they always do once resentments settle in and loyalties reticulate through the CF world and make their way into the public sphere. Until then, we’re left to speculate mostly. Still an educated guess might reasonably surmise that – given the timing and context of it all – the CF imploded over the direction of the group and its future, that Blurring The Lines lit the fuse on a set of maybe distinct but inevitably related tensions and that the tour’s actual flop brought about the final implosion. Maybe somebody in the group or the family became just old and wise and courageous enough to act (or get someone else to act) on the realization that the performing CF was anchoring a fairly substantial artistic and corporate enterprise that they – the performing members of CF – were perhaps in many ways themselves estranged from.

I’ll leave it to others to tally up the human price here. The real bidness question here is, I think, what are they going to do (besides Jason)? Jason may well and easily put out a solo record or two and then start preaching like his father (it’s difficult to imagine a long-term record deal or purely solo-music career going much of anywhere for him since he’ll be hardpressed to pull off IAM screaming for a whole record/concert [see also Phelps, David]). But what about the others? Honestly. What will the twins do? And Kelly and Tarah? Are they all going to do solo deals? The press release gives that impression. Yikes. And then there’s Kathy Crabb and her label/management company? Will it go on headlessly?

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  1. Susan Moss wrote:

    Do you think that the CF will really disband? I would hate to think this was a ploy at selling out the concerts for the rest of the year and then, BAM, we changed our mind, things have come together and we’re back on. I can see them going separate ways since the individual families are growing and they need time together raising the children. I’m saddened at the news. They were, in the “good, ole days” the best there was around for me. I’m afraid that with the sudden absence of father and no explanation, they brought on some of the turning away of the saints.

  2. SGM Blogger wrote:

    No more Christmas chocolate for you!

  3. Aaron Crabb wrote:

    Just a little note to let everyone know that music will always be in our bones, but the press release didn’t say anything about solo projects for everyone.. God has a plan and a purpose for everyone’s life, and I feel that God has a season for everything. And now it is a season of moving out with my family to minister.(Wife and children) We are ALL excited for eachother and are going to be very involved with eachothers ministry.. We love all of you and would appreciate your prayers… WE ARE JUST TRUSTING GOD.. Each one of us has different callings on our life. I will be going out and preaching more… The bible says Lean not to your own understanding.. And we are just believing Him and hoping for everyone’s support in what we feel we have to do.. There hasn’t been a falling out between our family.. Everyone wants to draw conclusions, Here it is… WE ALL WANT THE WILL OF GOD FOR OUR LIFE…. God Bless all of you…

  4. Susan Moss wrote:

    Nice to hear a reply straight forward about the news. We who have loved and still love the Crabb’s want God’s will for their lives as well. God bless each one of them and whatever they set out to do in his name.

  5. Me wrote:

    O LOrd

  6. Sam wrote:

    >(compare CF to the Goodmans, who didn’t >collapse under their own weight for >several decades).

    …no pun intended, right?

  7. Me wrote:


  8. Tonya Ward wrote:

    When I first heard the sad news about my favorite group, The Crabb Family, I wanted to cry. I love them all so very much. They have made such an enormous impact on my entire family. I am truely heartbroken that they are not going to sing together as a group anymore but I know they have their complete trust in God, I know this because of what I felt every time I seen them in concert. I have never seen them that they did not have the power of God surrounding them so strongly. I know this family has been going through some very tough changes in their lives but I believe, through it all, they all have held on and trusted in the Lord. If any of them read my comment, I just want them to know that this particular fan will definately miss them more than they’ll ever know. It was because of you that my husband got saved and we now sing your music together in our church. I will miss going to see you in concert and worshiping the Lord with you as a group but I know without a doupt that all of you will hold on and put your complete trust in God. Don’t worry about what people may say, people will talk about you until the day you die, sometimes after that. I look at it like this, when people are talking about me, they are giving some other persons name a rest. Jason, Aaron, Adam, Terah and Kelly, you all go on with your lives and never loose site of our God, always trust in Him and put Him first in your lives and I know you will prosper. I love you all with all my heart and I promise to continue praying for you every day. May God richly bless all of you and remember—YOU WILL BE MISSED !!!!!

  9. RF wrote:

    There will never be 40-year groups like back in the old days. Groups come and go and the Crabbs decided to go. The shocking thing is the sudden decision to go. Everyone wishes them well, but who will fill the hole they are going to leave?

  10. boothbros_fan wrote:

    NO REGRETS HERE! I am definately NOT going to miss them.

  11. Ivy Moats wrote:

    They have made such a differance in many peoples life they will be very sadly missed by tons!! I’m one of the many fans that will!

  12. Savage wrote:

    God has a plan for everyone and it must be in HIS time. The kids have always listened and obeyed God. From the 1st time I saw them sitting 2nd row from the top at the Pyramid in Memphis,TN - they were passing through and BG had them come on before the concert to sing 1 song. Jason started singing “Please Forgive Me”. I’d never heard of the Crabb Family, but at the very moment something came over me I hadn’t felt in a long time. I will never forget that day nor the many times my boys and I have had the opportunity to spend with Jason, Kelly, Terah, Adam & Aaron. They’ve grown up and we’ve all grown up more in the Lord listening to their music and testimonies. God bless each one of them

  13. Rita Stacy wrote:

    The Crabbs will be missed! Crabbfest was

    Great!!!!!!!!!!! I Wish them all the success

    on whatever the Lord has in store for them!

  14. Norman Bonds wrote:

    I’ve been promoting Gospel concerts for
    over 35 years including The Crabb Family.
    God has His hand upon these young people
    and from a backstage advantage point, where I’ve seen them from many times;
    They have really taken alot of heat from
    some websites, media and others here
    lately but I sincerely believe all they desire
    to do is what God has called them to do;
    and that is to sing and deliver the gospel
    in song! They have reached untold thousands in a short span and whether they continue or stop they’ll never be
    forgotten. They have been thru the fire
    and for that each one will be stronger than ever. My prayers are with you all!!!

  15. S. Hines wrote:

    Just saw a letter from all the crabb family on

    It explains alot! They all have other ministeries. Some singing, some preaching. This isn’t something that has happened over night. Aaron made the statement that his heart had been in two places for a while. Crabb family I love you and will support you where ever you do. May God be glorified in you.

  16. joseph wrote:


    the best thing you can do is stay out of the entire discussion on the crabb family..

    leave them alone…God will take care of them as He always has….

    True success is not measured on what people think it is measured on what God thinks…

    If we please God, then we are right on target with our lives..

  17. Lewis wrote:

    Goodness!!! Some of you people make it sound like the Crabbs “saved” you. Back up, people! GOD saved you through the blood of Jesus!!! When I have seen the Crabbs, yes they put on a great show and have undeniably great talent, but it was almost like a gospel Woodstock. I think that way too many people idolize them. Yes, they carry a message, but it wasn’t because of them that anyone is saved. It’s because of what Jesus did.

  18. Faith wrote:

    That group was super-hyped from day one. It’s too bad the talent didn’t match it (excepting the band). The singers were only so-so. I have had enough of Jason’s screaming and wailing to last a lifetime. Here’s a tip: When the veins in your neck are visible as you strain to hit yet another note beyond your vocal limit, GIVE IT UP. Avery hit the nail on the head before when he called it “Inner Angry Girl” singing; the question is, how long can these artists continue singing like that? You cannot abuse your vocal chords the way that Jason does and sing for 50 years like, say, Glen Payne. I bet they are ending because it was inevitable.

  19. joseph wrote:

    You guys don’t get it…These kids are very gifted by God….They have been used by God to spread the gospel all over this country… I was in concert with them on a night in small town in Alabama a few years ago, they not only sang the gospel they shared it…30 people got saved that night..

    People can no longer seem to sense the annointing of the Holy Spirit.. Do you people not realize that Jason sings from his heart…He isn’t worried about technic he sings what he feels…God will protect his voice as long as he is giving his all for the Lord…He will be fine….both vocally and career !!!!

    Avery’s comment “Inner Angry Girl” is nothing but a stupid “jealous hearted” comment… He wouldn’t know the presence of God if it hit him up-side the head…

    It is time that you people learn to support Christian artist, and stop all the critical remarks….

    Don’t judge what you don’t understand!!!

  20. Jim wrote:

    Wow! Sounds like it’s not just Jason’s voice exhibiting the IAM. Southern Gospel may not be my favorite genre, but I can tell you that Jason has got a heart for God, a heart for the lost, a heart for ministry and an attitude of praise. ( I single him out because he is the one I’ve seen in action, encouraging my family after various concerts, but ministry happens all over at a Crabb event) I’ll continue to pray for them in their various ministries and callings.

    No, the Crabb Family doesn’t “save” people, but it is evident that God has used them powerfully over the last 10 years - why are we upset that it wasn’t always in our little “boxed in” idea of how God works? Check out the open letter to fans with an open mind and an open heart, and see if it doesn’t change your mind. If the point of S/G music is to spread the gospel - Crabb Family is right in the middle of that, if the point is just to entertain a bunch of people who already have their “fire insurance” and don’ t care if anyone else gets in the “club” then it’s no wonder they are getting out.
    Maybe next time I won’t hold back and let you know what I really think. ~J~

  21. joseph wrote:


  22. Barb wrote:

    Amen Joseph!! What a disgraceful way to talk about a group, who are singing for the Lord!!

  23. MD wrote:

    I have to wonder, though, why a group who maintains a website wouldn’t put such an important announcement there?? There is absolutely no mention of it, even though it’s all over other SG media and they have issued individual statements. It would have stemmed a bit of the speculation that occured. Their own website (that they control) would be the perfect place. It’s not that they aren’t currently updating their site. New pictures were added today. Anyway, good luck to all of them whatever it is they decide to do.

  24. Duran Teague wrote:

    The CF will be missed greatly! Their annointing is what has carried them through. They may not have been the best singers in all of gospel music, but I don’t know of but a VERY few that have the annointing as they do. I hope the band can stay together and maybe travel with MBG. That would be the next best!! Definitely gonna miss Crabbfest. My family and I have take our vacation there 3 years in a row (4 including 2007). Jason, Terah, Kelly, Adam, Aaron, Zach, Micah, Lori, and Justin, we wish you the very best and don’t forget Who is directing your paths!! God Bless!

  25. WEP wrote:

    Y’all see that??? Looks like a…smoke screen!

    The Crabbs are being just as evasive with this news as with every other bit of controversy surrounding them. All that piety with the “God made me do it” and “it’s the Lord’s will” stuff. Of course, the aforementioned piety will sheild them from the likes of anyone who dares to attack the Crabbs because well, afterall, it’s God’s fault they quit.

    For all of you people attacking this website, grow up. Good Lord! Most of these “fans” are living in a fantasy world. Tis not all sunshine and roses my dear children. Do you all REALLY know the Crabb kids/moms/daddies/etc?

  26. Andrew wrote:

    I know I’m going to miss the Crabb Family,but I definitely don’t let it go that far.I think I’m already starting to grieve…not by crying…but by constantly marvelling in the fact that the McKameys will have a better chance at reclaiming the spot w/the most #1 songs on the SN chart…ya know they both have 14!And yet they are completely opposite.LOL.But I really am starting to miss them-even though they are not even gone…LOL.I was just wondering a few days ago-who is going to give us those powerful songs that only the Crabb Family can sing?I personally think the Mike Bowling Group probably will take their place…just something to speculate about…

    Just to let y’all let you know-I could have written more,but I didn’t feel like typing that long!

  27. DM wrote:

    I must say I agree with Faith. Joseph you are way off in dealing with the technique of singing. Vocal Cords are a mucous membrane stetched across the Larynx. While size varies from person to person, the physical make up does not. While I will admit that it isnt as hard as people make it out to be to get Vocal Disorders, such as Vocal Nodules, it still isnt impossible. Many great Christian singers, southern gospel and other genres have suffered from vocal disorders, ie. Larnell Harris ( The voice can only take so much abuse, and I must say that Jason is a screamer and dosent particularly take care of his voice the way he should. Notice after he sings, when he talks he has a raspiness to his sound. That raspiness isnt a good thing. Now just because he’s abusing his voice does not make him any less anointed, but he should be more responsible.

  28. Michael wrote:

    One has to wonder if the kids, (Gerald’s) had not had enough of Kathy. She seems to have all these wild ideas, starting her own label and management company, then stated the Crabbs would not be singing and new Gerald’s song. I just have to wonder if maybe they didn’t wise up and feel that maybe Father does know best. Kathy is a wonderful person, but I think she lost sight of the message and began looking at how to make the most mone. I believe Jason, Adam, Aaron, Terah and the other girl have a good heart and were headed the right way, but Kathy needs to let them do what they do best and stop trying to “Blur the lines”.

  29. Lewis wrote:

    ROTF…bravo Michael! (clap,clap,clap) [edit] Bravo!

  30. Tonya Ward wrote:

    How anyone can attack someone trying to sing the gospel of our Lord and Savior, I’ll never know. Especially if that someone is annointed of God. As I KNOW “The Crabb Family” is. No, I may not know them personally, but I know what I feel every time I go see them in concert. Most people their age are to busy doing the awful sins of this world, but not them, they have done nothing but try and bring the wonderful news of our Lord and Savior through song. I would be terrified to speak of Gods children in any other way but good. God says in His word “touch not my annointed”, so be very careful what you say.
    I love The Crabb Family because of what I felt every single time I have seen them, as well as other gospel groups and singers, I will miss them very much. But I know God will walk with each and every one of them. He always has and He always will.

  31. joseph wrote:

    DM I am not way off in the technique of a matter of fact I teach voice and have been singing professionally for yrs…I didn’t say that Jason sings with “proper technique.” I said He may very well be an exception to the rule…. If God is watching over you and you are striving to share His love, mercy and grace with compassion then I believe He will and does protect us…as well as our gifts and abilities ie…Jason’s Voice….

    Note: Russ Taff,Michael English, and just about any Tenor in the business…..

  32. Amanda wrote:

    Michael The other girl’s name is Kelly. I don’t know that a person could be more rude. But yet i am not sure why I am bothering even responding to this trash!

  33. Wondering ? wrote:

    The Crabb family ministry will be missed ! I wonder how much of an impact Gerald walking out had on the family ministry ?

  34. Marty wrote:

    In response to some who have voiced their opinion and asked about Gerald, there’s two sides to every story, and Kathy’s side isn’t always right. And what Michael spoke was in a way the truth. It’s just been a long time in coming out..

  35. Faith wrote:

    Joseph, I am not trying to be rude, but why did you bother teaching voice “if God is watching over you and you are striving to share His love, mercy and grace with compassion then…He will and does protect us”??? That is like Christians piling on the pounds and then saying that God will protect us from heart disease.
    Btw, I guess you haven’t noticed how many (not all, but many) tenors ‘in the business’ quietly retire from singing, as their vocal chords are totally shot (ie Garry Sheppard and Jay Parrack to name but a couple)…

  36. Joseph wrote:


    When you understand who God really is, then you will understand what I am talking about!!!

    Oh, and by the way I could care less whether you are rude or not…

    What bothers me is people like you who don’t understand the music business….all you know to do is throw in your 2 cents opinion on everything…Spend more time praying for artist and cut out the negative comments…

    I regularly work with many of the artist that you and others talk about…They are my friends so on behalf of them be quiet!!!!!

    When you appear on Gaither Videos and make hit albums then maybe your opinion could really amount to something…

    As of right know it is worthless so HUSH!!!

  37. rr wrote:

    No one should ever presume that he/she is the only one who “knows what God is really like.” How pompous and self-righteous. In addition, truely gifted and quality craftspersons in any field do not need to flaunt their credentials in an effort to belittle others who have every right to express a thought, opinion, or perception. Also, the louder the volume, whether it be singing, praying, dancing, preaching, etc., does not necessarily equate to “an annointing. Many people caught up in the sensational flock to get “saved” under the “ministry” of many musicians, ministers, etc., but a lesser percentage live committed, Christ-like lives when the hype dissipates. Finally, as the scriptures so succinctly declare, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” I submit that the Christian walk has many God and flesh inspired vocations and avocations; however, there is only one true calling - to be like Christ. And the most powerful “annointing” is the powerful blessing for service most often manifest in those who are rarely seen and barely known. I have been a SG music lover since I was a small child and still am. As an adult, however, I am wise enough to know that the field- albeit “Christ-focused” is not necessarily Christ-centered nor Christ-driven. It is very much entertainment with a twist. Way to much “flesh” exists in all areas; and I also submit that the ability to put thoughts into a forum such as this is one way discerning individuals might test the waters to better understand where the purest and deepest rivers of “annointing” truely do flow.

  38. Faith wrote:

    WOW. I didn’t realize that you were God’s chosen one, able to determine who is saved and who isn’t! Pardon me, I will be more careful when I express an opinion next time.
    On the other hand, if understanding who God is will make me (and the rest of us) talk more like you - and I quote: “He wouldn’t know the presence of God if it hit him up-side the head…”…not to mention the abundance of grammatical errors…WOW. ‘rr’ is right; pompous indeed.
    I stick by what I said before. I have never heard of a vocal teacher or coach who would encourage you to abuse your vocal chords. The Bible teaches that your body is a temple. The temple includes every part of your body - oh, yes, even the vocal chords. So why would - or should - we abuse it?

  39. Christy wrote:

    First let me say that I enjoy the Crabb Family’s music. They did not save me, but their music has had a major impact on my life. I will miss hearing their voices together, but i’m sure I will continue to be impacted my their ministries.

    On a side rant…if people are bringing the Gospel, is it really anyone’s business to sit on any site, or forum and bash people. Come on. Grow up. If you don’t like them, then don’t listen. What matters is that whether you like their sound or not, they have been called to a ministry and they have lived their lives for that mission. I’m in ministry, and I know how frustrating it is, to pour into people day after day, week after week, only to hear people complaining about you.

    If you don’t enjoy their sound, that’s ok, but that doesn’t mean that they are not brothers and sisters, neighbors that Christ has called you to love.

    I don’t like Skillet, a group in today’s Christian Music market. But just because I don’t like their sound, doesn’t mean that I’m going to go bashing them.

    Geez. Whatever happened to love thy neighbor as thy self.

  40. bsb wrote:

    Gerald walking out impacted everyone. Wife, children, step children, grandchildren, booking agents, record company, producers,promoters, ministers, in-laws, friends, fans: All involved were hurt at different degrees of pain. Those that know what happened and had to deal with it knows what it has been like for all of the family. the kids have done exactly what they wanted to do. Kathy has been on board with them and didn’t abandon them. This decision IS jointly all of them made it including Kathy and Krystal. I know.

    Gerald Crabbs leaving has impacted things, but probably not in the way you are thinking.

  41. Linda Ellis wrote:

    Thanks, Aaron, for your note on Aug.2, 2006. (I’m sorry I ever found this website because it trashes everyone.)
    Having said that, as a “new” Crabb Family fan, having never listened to gospel music, I saw them on the Rick & Bubba TV program last year and their music spoke to my heart. At this point, and after meeting them, talking with Jason on several occasions, and seeing them in concert, I must say that I believe they are the “real deal”. I’m 59 years old and, believe me, I’ve been fooled before, but I think I’m right about these kids and we’ll see what God has in store for them.
    It can only get better. Please, when y’all are out there criticizing everything about everyone, try to remember what their mission is, was, and always will be. What good does it do to trash anyone.
    We are all human and we should try to remember that while tearing down someone’s reputation. The Crabbs will be ministering long after I’m gone and thank God for young people like them.
    God is watching over them, has given them immense talent, wisdom, and a hard-working ethic, not to mention the great talent of their Dad in writing such glorious words and music. They will go on regardless of all this negativity some of you exhibit. Thank the Lord that I found them in time to put a song back in my heart. I cherish their music and thank God that he gave Gerald the talent for writing and ministering. To Jason, Adam, Aaron, Terah and Kelly, please keep the faith and go on to minister where y’all are needed most.

  42. Tonya Ward wrote:


  43. Laura wrote:

    So wonderfully said,”rr”! Most of these entertainers are genuine in their commitment to proclaiming the gospel. I live and go to church with several major artists in a small town in upper East TN. There are those who are sincere, and there are those who flaunt what they do with the “widow’s mite” when they get home and away from the fans. I appreciate the efforts of the sincere. One should always keep his focus Christ-centered, and understand that this is an entertainment industry and can be fraught with the same allures of other music genres. To believe otherwise is simply naive.

  44. Jerry wrote:

    Was Faith bashing anyone? Joseph was doing the bashing here. Faith merely mentioned that the Crabb family is not her fave group, so she doesn’t listen. Last time I checked, she’s entitled to that opinion, one I happen to share. I also don’t think she mentioned hating anyone. So regarding love thy neighbour, according to Christy, Christy is not allowed to say that she doesn’t love Skillet.
    IMO, this page seems to be rife with intentional misunderstandings.
    btw, I would never want Joseph to give me singing lessons!

  45. joseph wrote:

    Jerry, don’t worry you couldn’t afford it…

  46. Chrystal wrote:

    I groan when I hear the words “touch not mine anointed” bandied about. So many take it out of context.

    Those words were mentioned twice in the bible (in Psalm 105:15; and 1 Chronicles 16:22). Both times it was spoken, it was speaking of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the children of Israel as they were moving about through the nations. God made a covenant with Abraham that his children would inherit the land of Canaan. As you know, when they traveled about through the surrounding nations, God promised to protect them until they inherited the promise land. The warning to the surrounding nations who would threaten to do Israel harm? “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”

    Yes, as God’s children, He does protect and guide us. But both times “touch not mine anointed” is used in scripture, God was speaking of His covenant with Abraham and his descendants.

  47. Tonya Ward wrote:

    I feel the same as Linda Ellis, I am truely sorry I ever found this site.

  48. Marty wrote:

    You’re all right. Kathy is always right, and Gerald is always wrong. You know, I really don’t think that the kids decided to go their own way because of the mess that happened with the two, but I know that she’ll always get the good hand, and he’ll be dealt the bad. For those of us who know her and what she has done, it’s hard to sit back and let him be knocked down and talked about how “he ran out”. Oh well. I’m done. Let her have her glory.

  49. Bert wrote:

    Oh, Joseph, can’t you shut up and go to another site? Your comments are so derogatory. Go spout your hatred of everyone with an opposing opinion somewhere else. Maybe you should write your own blog. Why don’t you tell us who you really are, so I know which CDs to avoid in the music store? As if you sing professionally, ha! With THAT holier than everyone else attitude??? YOU??? lol
    And same goes to the rest of you who lament the discovery of this site, yet keep reading and responding to comments. Can you say HYPOCRITES?
    Faith was right on about hurting our bodies. Chrystal was also right on about Christians who misquote Scripture. And Laura knows what she is talking about. How many of you know these artists personally and intimately? It is one thing to get on stage and be gifted singers. But don’t you people understand that who you see on stage is not necessarily who these people are off stage? Some yes, some no. Do not just walk away after the concert and put these folks on pedestals. They are human, like you and me. And Joseph, I think. While the Crabb Family are not a group I often listen to, I think they are gifted musically. But to say that they are annointed as if you and I are not is wrong. I mean, take a look. The Crabb parents divorce, and in the blink of an eye, remarry? What, did they just meet the day before? No adultery involved?This was God’s will? How can I, a father, teach my children values when a southern gospel group promotes divorce and rebound marriage? Suddenly CCM doesn’t look too bad.