What I’m listening to this week

I have to spend some time traveling this week and I’ve just filled up my iPod with new material. Here’s what I’m listening to:

  • Second Mile’s latest
  • The Lesters new album
  • Mike Bowling Group’s new recording
  • Kenny Bishop’s self-titled

Not sure when I’ll work up some responses to what I hear, but there it is, for what it’s worth. What else should I be listening to, besides the Talley’s latest (which I don’t have, alas)?

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  1. Brad C wrote:

    Maybe you could break into Michael Hopper’s Hummer and listen to some of the songs from the H’s upcoming release.

    I hope they’re serving some wine with all of this cheese…..


  2. S Vestal wrote:

    You need to pick up the Talleys’ new project. It is, IMO, the best ever for them. I’ve been a fan of theirs since the beginning (wayyyy years ago!), and I always enjoy them, but this project is the best! Great songs, couple of sleepers they must feel they need to include for audiences somewhere, but for the most part, it is awesome. Lauren just continues to show her stuff. They are blessed and their sincerity and class are showing on this project. Hurry up and get it!

  3. Elisabeth wrote:

    Try Selah…the contemporary group that does hymns a lot. I have recently gotten back “into” them, and i have 3 of their albums, with the newest one “Bless the Broken Road” on pre-buy…can’t wait to pick it up next week! It sounds like it’ll be a good one, from the clips on their website. I noticed, interestingly enough, that Jason Crabb joins them for “Ain’t No Grave,” with Adam playing the harmonica…blurring the lines? lol!

  4. AVL wrote:

    I was very disappointed in the new Talley Trio Cd. I am a huge fan, and have loved most everything they have put out. I could not find one song I liked on this new project, maybe it will grow on me.

  5. RF wrote:

    If you haven’t picked up Mercy’s Mark’s second table product–Southern Selections 2, get it while you can. Not as good as their self-titled album, but good nonetheless.

  6. Andrew wrote:

    I think you should give the Collingsworth Family a good listen to…especially their latest.;)You really should to Karen Peck & New River’s cd,”Good to be Free”.I don’t have this in my personal collection,but I listened to it at Family Christian Store one time…LOL!Another good one would be the Whisnants newest cd,or Lauren Talley’s solo cd…the latter of which is “Blurring the Lines”.LOL.But for good measure I would suggest that you by up every McKameys’ cd…LOL…you never know what can happen (you might get hooked!) J/K!!!!!!!!!!But the KP&NR,Whisnants,Lauren Talley,Collingsworth Family,oh,and add the Duvall Family to that list,are my suggestions.But if you want to take me up on that McKameys’ offer…I can hook you up with a great way to personally get them…in concert…LOLOLOL.

  7. JM wrote:

    The Lesters latest project is a stinker. I’m consistently disappointed by the quality of recordings this group puts out. I was hoping the new label and new producer would help maximize their potential, but if the first release with Song Garden is any indication we can look forward to many more sub-par recordings to come. It cetainly isn’t that The Lesters don’t have the talent; aside from occassional appearances from Jonathan they are stacked vocally. I’ve never been able to understand why their recordings generally fail to deliver.

  8. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    What should you be listening to? My answer is: The Perrys’ Come Thirsty. It’s the best Perrys release since their restructuring.

  9. jack wrote:

    It is a fact that the Perrys will never sound as great as when Nicole Watts and Mike Bowling sang with them. That was the best they sounded in their entire career.

  10. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Well, I would not dare to state it as a fact, but I am definitely personally of the opinion that they never sounded better than they do with the present lineup.

    I wonder if pulling the message board had anything to do with Loren’s departure? They probably don’t want fans guessing about Loren’s replacement on their message board.

    I hate to see Loren go, but I just love the Perrys’ music, and I hope letting us know what the new lead singer sounds like will be a good enough excuse for releasing a new album soon!

  11. Johnny MO wrote:

    It’s a fact that an F is a better sounding note than a C. F is the best sounding note on the entire scale.

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