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The new American Gospel Music franchise is, as you probably know by now, certifying a select group of artists to bear the AGM standard – a vetting process that includes spiritual certification. Upon reading that, one reader wrote in and said he and some friends thought

how funny it would be to make t-shirts to wear at NQC that say “Spiritually Certified by NQC” or something like that. I bet you could sell them and make a fortune. I wonder if in the spiritual certification process they’ll check into who pays royalties and who doesn’t?! Of course, I know the answer to that one.

I think I’ll get the interns right on that.

Update: Well that was quick.

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  1. Daniel Britt wrote:

    No overhead at this site. Just run with an idea and they’ll put it on a shirt!

  2. Damon from KY wrote:

    It might be better if it were spelled correctly (missing “i” on the t-shirt). Wouldn’t want to contribute to any more articles/studies about the lack of sophistication in the NQC crowds.

  3. Jim wrote:

    Even Funnier (IMO) “Spritually Certified by GOD … (NQC certification pending)

  4. Jim wrote:

    Even Funnier (IMO) “Spiritually Certified by GOD … (NQC certification pending)”

  5. SM wrote:

    First person to post a picture this week of an artist in one of those shirts should get a Golden Avery Award.

  6. Luke wrote:

    I think AGM is a great idea. This will finally set the bar for groups or soloists. It will separate “The HobKnob” quartet from The Florida Boys and pros. I’m excited!!!

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